Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager
Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager
Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager
Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager
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Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager

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The best eye massagers are handheld devices with many health benefits on the eyes. Providing optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your eyes, Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager is a new generation eye massager that utilizes scientifically-proven warmth and vibration massage to help relieve headaches, insomnia, eyebags and everyday eye fatigue. Engineered and hot-pressed 3D design shape, with the independent 3D detachable eye circle cover; this design makes it softer and comfortable. Its adjustable elastic straps fits most users comfortably, while its light and foldable design are ideal for travelling and allowing you to enjoy a brightening eye massage anywhere. With one at home, you will look good and feel good. 


* Detachable 3D structure - softer, lighter and comfortable

* Far-infrared heat compress - activates the metabolism of the skin underneath the eye, effectively soothes tired muscles and relieve fatigue

* Technologically smart wearable wide-body eye mask - covers a large area with hot compress, covering major acupoints, practical and effective

* Special heating core and fabric can be directly cleaned - wearing a professional grade waterproof DC head, wash by hand and air dry for use

* High-grade breathable and sweat-absorbent fabric

* 15 minutes smart timer or double click to set temperature mode time to 30 minutes

* 4 adjustable massage intensity mode (Gently Tap / Vibrate / Mix Mode / Pause)

* 4 adjustable temperature from 40ºC - 50ºC (room temperature 20ºC)

* Adjustable elastic straps suitable for various head circumferences  

* USB portable & easy to operate


1. Plug and connect to a computer /or a power bank for use. 

2. Tap the "Temperature" button on the left of the control switch to on, the indicator light on and lightly press again to switch between 40ºC/45ºC/50ºC/Pause, and adjust to the temperature suitable for you

3. The indicator light on and lightly press the "Massage Mode" button on the right of the control switch, to switch between Gently Tap/Vibrate/Mix Mode/Pause and adjust to the mode suitable for you.

4. The Massage Mode system has an automatic 15 minutes timing, no manual setting is required, regardless which massage mode is selected. When the mode is selected, it will start and stop automatically after 15 minutes.

5. The Temperature time is set manually, selectable timing time is 15 minutes or 30 minutes. If need timing setting, please quickly double-click the Temperature left button, the corresponding temperature indicator will flash indicates the setting is successful. After the first double-click is successful, indicator will flash fast means the setting is 15 minutes. After the second double-click again, the indicator light will change from fast flashing to slow flashing, indicating that the setting is 30 minutes. With another, double-click, the indicator light will change from slow flashing to no flashing, indicating that the timing setting is cancelled. 

6. If eye mask is not used for a long time, please choose to shut down. Press and hold the Temperature left button until the indicator light turns off. 

Note: When the heating liner is used, it must not be folded or crumpled. After use, it is forbidden to fold and store under the temperature state.



1. Megami™ 3D+ Eye Massager uses a special waterproof hot compress massage heating element, the surface of the heating element is waterproof fabric, so it can be manually cleaned. Wash by hand with warm water around 40ºC. When cleaning, use a soft small brush to gently brush the surface. 

2. Dry in a cool place.

Notes: Do not wash with washing machine, do not twist or rub, do not wash with other clothes.



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* Provide 24 Months Warranty 

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