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MAKE SKIN LOOKING YOUNGER - MEGAMI Hot Cold Facial Device for skin rejuvenation that make skin youthful. it combines several functions to make the skin look smoother, tighter, flexible. including Hot & Cool treatment and sonic vibration. spa-grade anti-aging beauty device.

ABSORBENT WARMING MASSAGE (46℃) - It helps stimulate the blood circulation acceleration, so the pore open and help absorbs quickly all the skin care products that you apply on face. When using it you will feel comfortable on your face without any pain at all.

ANTI-AGING COOLING MASSAGE (6℃) - It helps tightens the skin, shrinks pores immediately to lock moisture inside pores maintain hydrated skin for many hours, improves skin texture and removes fine lines and wrinkles. Enhance skin texture, brighten skin color and helps skin rejuvenation.
EMS TREATMENT - helps to brighten your complexion and reduce wrinkles. It does this by increasing the blood flow to the facial cells causing new cell growth and the tighter muscles under the skin help to “shrink” sagging skin.

PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Sonic Vibration strengthens the effect of Hot Massage & Cool Massage. It’s safe to use for all girls, women, ladies out there who have normal, oily, sensitive, dry, ageing, irritated skin without any problem and transform your face into healthy and beautiful looking skin.

AUTOMATIC TIMER & USB RECHARGEABLE - Has a safe automatic timer 3 Minutes for each treatment mode. It is a rechargeable model can be recharged by USB data cable which is contained in the package. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and bring it with you to wherever you go, when traveling.